I’m Rachel. Eating paleo changed my life big time. I love to train and I suck if I can’t do it for some reason. I have a sarcastic, vulgar, wonderful sense of humor. I don’t care about offending people anymore, because it’s impossible NOT to offend SOMEONE these days. Some people make a hobby- or even a career- out of being offended. If that’s you, navigate to another page right about now. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a nerdy girl who loves science-y stuff. I also love how heavy squats and deadlifts make my ass look. I hate being restricted from doing what I want, which is the main reason why my health and fitness is so important to me. I happen to know a hell of a lot about diet, disease, inflammation, obesity, and people’s guts. I also know a lot about about training, losing weight, and many other totally unrelated topics and I love learning more all the time. I find the F-word to be a beautiful, colorful word with so many versatile applications. Can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like it. I am a pretty staunch Libertarian. I’m also a Christian, but more the Jeffersonian variety than the Evangelical kind if I had to put a label on it. Basically, I am not interested in talking you into any of my beliefs. I prefer to exemplify my beliefs, and if that attracts others, then that’s cool. This blog is about Paleo, training, fat loss, and all that stuff, but if I feel like it I might talk about other stuff, too. I am also a Mom of 5 awesome kids! I work as a makeup artist and hair stylist for some big fancy companies, but not as often anymore since I am so busy building my personal army of elite, paleo-libertarian badass kids 🙂